The electricity supplier did not give up the Baidu enabled two level domain name site

renamed China ( June 2nd hearing, prior to April, there is news that Baidu will be opened in June two domain on-line business platform O2O new Baidu Mall "domain name cannot access time. But today Xiaobian found that the two domain name has been built.

figure: Baidu mall

yesterday, "Chinese reported that Baidu will be on-line a new shopping guide platform" Baidu benefits ", the original Baidu exchange domain conversion to Baidu, then Baidu search Hui Hui easily checked Baidu MALL, not the station. However, today to visit the domain name, it has been the site!

A big piece of cake as the

business Internet business, Baidu naturally unwilling to give up like this, although Baidu in terms of electricity providers fail miserably, but whether it is investment or glutinous rice nets and Tencent Wanda cooperation fifast network, it can be seen that Baidu did not give up hope on the electricity supplier.


enable two domain station Baidu MALL, the introduction of high-end domestic brands outside about 1000 in B2C mode, to search and map positioning service as the basis, to provide online and offline drainage for brands. Target consumer is also defined in the 25-40 year old high-end customers. Currently click on the page, you can also participate in the collection of Baidu MALL brand activities, take the exclusive surprise.

e-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang said that at present the country has not really set up electricity supplier O2O format, which is more than the line department stores or start-up companies in the exploration. Baidu Mal is facing a lot of opportunities, but the test is that the O2O business is not enough to rely on technology driven, Baidu can not think YISHION technology to do the project, the need to master the retail business talent help.

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