China Mobile and Hishop to achieve cooperation in the development trend of mobile e commerce

days ago, China Mobile mobile phone payment division and the largest source of online distribution service provider Hishop officially reached a cooperation, will be integrated into the mobile phone payment interface products shop owned by Hishop in the system. It is reported that after the integration of the online shopping mall, shop operators with mobile phone platform for issuing coupons, envelopes and other services to customers, there are few areas in the pilot integral payment service. At the same time through the mobile payment platform recharge, withdrawals, consumption, payment and other account management.

with the maturity of the mobile e-commerce market, in recent years, both from the technical level or security level, mobile e-commerce has been a breakthrough in the development of. Earlier Jingdong mall has been using a mobile payment interface to the customer to send a red envelope, and the launch of the phone Taobao is to allow consumers to taste a fresh mobile phone shopping. Now China Mobile teamed up with Hishop, is bound to pay for the mobile phone market in the popularity of the Internet to promote the formation of effective promotion.

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e-commerce payment mode is single, the third party payment field a monopoly of Alipay, to recharge all depend on the line bank. With the advent of mobile payment in this way, these payments in the field of monopoly situation is expected to be broken.

it is understood that the mobile phone payment after the opening, users can recharge cash through the mobile phone business hall across the country, and through the mobile phone payment platform visualization, time management accounts, any change will receive text messages to inform. For the shop to give red envelopes, vouchers, the function is more affordable and can bring more surprises to the shop customers, so as to stimulate the user consumption, enhance the mall trading volume, is engaged in the electronic commerce network assistant.

according to the Ministry of industry data show that by the end of 2010, China’s 3G users will reach 60 million, is expected to 2012 China Mobile business market transaction size will reach $10 billion 800 million. As can be seen, the broad prospects of mobile payment, is bound to become mainstream, it is not difficult to understand why more and more B2C online mall began to add mobile payment interface.

work together to promote the development of e-commerce

China Mobile hand Hishop shop system, it is to further popularize mobile payment behavior. To take this opportunity to pay the mobile phone interface to cover Hishop’s more than 220 thousand of the network independent shop to customers. It is reported that this cooperation in addition to mobile phone shop system integrating Hishop’s payment interface, provides rich resources for the promotion of mobile Hishop merchants to store huge number of mobile customers group promotion network to have.

Hishop as the network distribution enterprises to solve the first brand plan, eight years dedicated to providing independent shop building for the shop operators and related value-added services, occupy a strong position in the small and medium enterprises and individual business mind. And China Mobile is more than 600 million of its customers

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