Before Ali CEO Wei Zhe about Ali entrepreneurial experience how to find people find the money look

Wei Zhe Jia Yu now is a founding partner of the fund, one of his more famous is the identity of the Alibaba (B2B) before CEO, from 2006 to 2011 years, Wei Zhe witnessed the Alibaba how to use the talent, capital and choose a way to grow direction.

after the establishment of the Royal Ka fund, as an investor, he also has a more rational analysis of the entrepreneurial experience of Alibaba.

is the same as Ali alumni at the beginning of the orange capital held Ali alumni exchange activities, Wei Zhe detailed talk about the three elements of entrepreneurship – people, money and direction, Alibaba can provide experience.

For example,

looking for someone, he believes that Ma could be successful, Cai Chongxin is able to attract such talent to join, especially in the early development of the company, how to find the company needs people from different dimensions, not only have the ability, but also need to have in mind.

in terms of money, Wei Zhe around the time, the amount and proportion of the three dimensions, combined with the financing experience of the Alibaba, to the presence of Ali alumni do share.

finally, in the direction, he reminded entrepreneurs, do not frequently platform and ignore the product itself, he believes that only the specific product polished, and can be invincible.

in his speech, Mr. Wei also talked about Ali drops Chengwei alumni, founder of entrepreneurial experience, he can also become a "meet", "change" and "looking for the direction of" three things to find pieces of successful experience.

below is the Alibaba (B2B) CEO Wei Zhe’s speech before the record: (after adding the title)

is now talking about venture investment in winter, I think winter is good, winter is a good time for entrepreneurs to keep fit. Winter will not allow qualified entrepreneurs can not pass the winter, only qualified entrepreneurs out of the winter become more powerful.

entrepreneurs are very busy very hard, the weekend came with you certainly do not want to talk about real. Our recent 5 years, two or three years ago is really not too concerned about Ali entrepreneurial projects, but in the past two years, we look at the last 100 Ali students entrepreneurial projects, also invested two Ali students entrepreneurial projects. Since it is a dry cargo, since we meet with relatives, there is no need to say too much courtesy.

Ali students how excellent entrepreneurship, our original genes, our hard work, our efforts, our unity, Ali gives us the vision of the mission, values of these capabilities. All the advantages of it, I didn’t say, advantages when you successfully on the podium, let the media say let’s family said, let us go to our friends, relatives meet again, or to say, look at the more than and 100 Ali project, two voted Ali project. What are the problems of Ali who do not speak on the outside, Ali relatives, I have to say Ali good. But we still want to talk about their own people to say, what are the people who lack Ali? Then I still focus on one of the most important three entrepreneurs’

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