Are you still working as a tourist site

because of the reasons for the study of tourism e-commerce, but also contact a lot of travel sites to do personal webmaster. Some owners have a lot of travel on the site, and the construction of a new tourist site is amazing. A Yunnan webmaster friends, do more than a dozen different provinces tourism portal, the number of pages per site are tens of thousands of, and he finished this work is only less than a month’s time. Of course, most of the content of his site is collected from the collection station, said it is not even garbage.

has more than a dozen travel sites is not the purpose of the webmaster, he is considering how to use these sites to make money for themselves.

travel web site to get a large amount of traffic from the search engine is not easy, because you will find a little bit of popular tourist related keywords are full of competitive advertising. Although he collected content release rhythm also made control, website search engine optimization has done a good job, but tens of thousands of pages from the search engine ranking to bring traffic, every day is two thousand or three thousand. The flow of all sites add up, but also about 50 thousand.

50 thousand independent IP site, if you do Google Adsence or other advertising alliance advertising, a month can have a revenue of two thousand or three thousand should be considered normal. Although there are a lot of advertisers in the tourism, but everyone’s bidding is relatively calm, so there is little point on the ad. And most of the ads in the time of the design is not ideal, so that visitors do not click interest.

in Hangzhou, we talked about a similar topic at a gathering of Chi Chi power. A Zhilu member in a tourism community, it should be said that the popularity has been good, but now no clear what business model, every month only thousands of dollars into advertising so that they dare not increase a person, is a small team of two people in the operation. There is also a friend who works in a travel agency for more than and 20 years. They are also actively expanding their online travel. When he heard the tourism community every day tens of thousands of visits, but also a considerable number of loyal users, immediately very excited, he thinks that if they travel agencies such traffic sites, they can earn money should be a level.

so, because the party had a letter of intent, to the satisfaction of all the results.

more travel website owners are not so lucky, they may have more sites, more traffic, but also limited to the transformation of the income of the little dilemma.

online travel in China’s development is very rapid, more and more tourism companies began to focus on website construction, network marketing and set up e-commerce system. But for the majority of tourism enterprises, to develop their own e-commerce professionals is not realistic, but also because of long-term exploration of it. If the tourism website owners and traditional tourism enterprises on this issue

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