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webmasters often consider ways to promote the site, but also to see a lot of predecessors to sum up the experience of promotion, in the final analysis, is to better promote the site. Now the society is a social marketing, either in person or website needs self promotion, no promotion means No one shows any interest in site traffic is stagnant.

my spare time, occasionally go to QQ farm vegetables to steal food, to pass the time. Recently found that there are a lot of people from the use of QQ farm website promotion. Under normal circumstances, to help friends weeding, the system will automatically prompt "thank you, weed clean", these two days to friends while weeding, the prompt is thank you, weed clean "," welcome to the or network "and so on, many people began to use the game to grow vegetables website promotion. Although it is actually deserted, but this promotion is undoubtedly worthy of recognition.

website promotion, in addition to the regular promotion often said, in fact there are a lot of free promotion. On the Internet, as long as there is a custom where there are potential promotion opportunities. A lot of "custom" can edit the place can be clever to replace their own website. Of course, the website promotion is not pure plus URL, and exposure site, but this is really a good way. In this paper, two recent findings of the promotion of a series of examples.

QQ farm promotion

some time ago hot vegetables vegeteal, attracted a lot of attention of Internet users, QQ users almost as many people as "Caomin", while playing the game going slowly down the light, there are still a lot of people bored. If the game is abundant, timely use of the promotion, will greatly increase the chance of exposure. For example, the farm bulletin board, message boards, weeding tips, etc., although these are not effective users, but the site greatly increased exposure, will bring a certain amount of traffic. Website promotion, in other words, is to improve the exposure rate, and it is free.

Now all

SNS website game to steal food are not so popular, but will certainly have similar activities, it is time to grasp the opportunity of the promotion of website promotion, don’t ignore life promotion opportunities.

message board to promote

see a post "on the blackboard love note" in the A5 forum, I have read this post, just as spectators, now from the marketing point of view, this promotion is very interesting. This post is said on the blackboard in the male and female love, through the blackboard message to communicate love, not what the results at the end of the story, saying, "my dear, you should go to buy a box of chalk, otherwise how can we contact?" let people laugh.

school network has not done it, I often see in the school’s hand washing machine online advertising, such as the campus network to remind you, save intentions similar slogans. The slogan, "

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