2010 micro blog and wet marketing era

in clay Shirky (ClayShirky) works, the future society is wet, he pointed out that the future of the social organization way will break through the dry wet to become the social relations, but all times, that people rely on social software connection between people can be a kind of delicate relationship, mutual attraction and combined with each other, mutual sharing, cooperation.

09 years in August, the successful marketing of the concept of wet marketing for the entire Chinese marketing sector has a revolutionary significance.

wet, refers to the Internet community, sharing, dialogue, cooperation and action based on a non organization power, and the related "wet marketing" and Xing Ming Long "virtual life dream" agree without prior without previous consultation. Liu Xingliang believes that from the long tail, to the blue ocean, to wet the world, this is the scientific system of a traditional Internet style. Wake up, we may find that all around the "wet": wet Internet, wet work, wet life, wet marketing.

wet marketing is what: DCCI Internet Data Center believes that the current marketing has begun to be wet. Compared with the traditional dry marketing, with the following three elements of marketing is called wet marketing:

first, the starting point of marketing is wet. The appeal is wet, originality is wet. How to achieve accurate segmentation demands and creativity is the key. This requires the demands and creativity itself is very accurate, it can lock the target population, and has a strong regional. The difference of Apple’s "white" headset, white Notebook, Apple’s "I", the design and the emotional appeal that buying their products for consumers label, highlighting the unique identity of their personal independence of conduct character, fashion, Obama’s "Change" really wet the American desire to change the status quo when. The demand.

second, the marketing process is wet, including three aspects:

(1) wet pathway, wet marketing pathway is the pattern of the C2C (and the traditional marketing mode, B2C is doing) that demands information between users and users continue to show viral diffusion, has obvious social characteristics (SocialNetworking), recipient of each audience is not only the information, but also communicators of information. To achieve this, enterprises need to be good at the socialization from control under the environment of opinion leaders, and let the brand advocates highly involved, let marketing to positive development; but to maintain democracy, because this is the social requirements, otherwise it would not be social. Therefore, in the social marketing communication, enterprises need to guide the user’s behavior in a democratic way (especially negative) rather than coercion, suppress the user’s words and deeds.

(2) wet path, the path of wet marketing is the depth of user dialogue with the user (ConversationMarketing), and in the dialogue process to generate trust in the brand and products. Another requirement for the wet path is the depth of the interactive experience, which requires the audience and the

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