Analysis how to expand the network marketing of agricultural service enterprise website

according to the relevant information: by the end of 2013, China’s Internet users has more than 1 billion, and the activity is very high. 2013 online shopping market has more than 108 million yuan." The Internet is the myth of deduction, Alibaba, Jingdong mall, Amazon and other commercial enterprises and some enterprises have become the industry leader in the network, as a traditional industry of agricultural industry facilities how to seize the business trend, how to carry out network marketing


electricity supplier development, the need for network, logistics, personnel supporting the development, but not in every industry can achieve full e-commerce. Complete e-commerce refers to the user through the network step by step to complete the transaction process of ordering, payment, customer service service; incomplete e-commerce refers to the user to complete part of the business process through the network, enjoy the service or the payment link still achieve online.

in fact, a lot of traditional industries can not be fully realized e-commerce, e-commerce has also been incomplete by leaps and bounds of the development of the electricity supplier. Such as the current industry is very optimistic about the O2O model, Home Furnishing industry is widely used, the customer online consultation orders, and then to the store experience experience products, payment transactions; or online transactions, door-to-door delivery and installation by the merchant collection, has a certain reference value for agricultural service industry.

agricultural service industry including the face may be very broad, this article takes the greenhouse enterprise as an example to discuss. The greenhouse is a kind of scheme of the product, there are some similarities with the decoration, complete e-commerce is difficult to implement, and this industry like other industries. So simple, requires a team to complete a project. Including the needs of research, greenhouse design, greenhouse construction, greenhouse project supervision and other aspects.

based on the above analysis, the greenhouse enterprise network marketing road on network promotion, aggregation of potential users through the network media, and then through the online consultation, the customer experience to line down the deal, the whole process of network play is a function of the media, is a connected greenhouse enterprise and customer ties. Below we talk about how to carry out the network marketing greenhouse enterprises.

the first step of the brand bedding – word of mouth

you have any questions, you can Baidu. The application of high frequency in the Internet search engine in the crowd, when you see a new brand, or in the purchase of a commodity, is bound to the network brand search term view, if this step is for customers to see some good reviews, news reports issued by the enterprise, then the customers to buy the goods more comfortable, if what did not find, or have some bad evaluation results as can be imagined. So, the first step is to do network brand promotion network reputation, customer to concern into knowledge quiz, the brand name and product term made encyclopedia noun, the corporate image of news publishing more than five articles, of course, news topics when some skills, if improper, inappropriate choice of topic, is not the first step brand bedding, to.

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