Entrepreneurship is not as painful as you might imagine but gains are beyond your imagination

lead: work time + pitiful salary + long did not succeed to fear; pay the rapid growth of fast learning + + stable social network.



mentions startups, the first thing most people think of is risk. But if you do not take this step, it will be a greater risk – to get a series of good opportunities, such as remuneration, personal growth and a wealth of contacts, etc.. Choosing to accept entrepreneurial risk as a founder or an early employee could radically change your life and career. Frankly, I think you should do that.

actually, entrepreneurship is not as risky as it sounds, it just needs short-term pain for long-term benefits. Here are some of the first things I’ve been through when starting a business, you can learn a little bit about starting a business or starting a startup with someone else:

one of the short-term pain: less poor salary

when I first started The Bouqs Co., I didn’t get paid for eight months, it was really a zero dollar, and I’m not young anymore. I have been working at Bain & Co and Disney have been working for fifteen years, in Losangeles have a new mortgage to pay, there is a year old boy to raise.

my God!

this situation is common in the start-up phase of the sacrifice. Founders often need to contribute their salaries in order to meet the company’s financial needs, gambling will be back in the future (and more). For the most part, the vast majority of start-ups in the initial stage of wages will be lower than the market level, which requires employees to pay attention to the stock of space.

short-term pain two: long working hours

founders and early employees work longer hours than the average person, except bankers. For example, in the creation of XYZ Co., 2-3 individuals become the whole operation of the whole enterprise, which means that everyone needs to have a lot of work. With the growth of XYZ Co. capital and demand, the whole team will be expanded to six people, and then the ten, and so on and so on.

problem is that, regardless of the number of people in the XYZ Co. team, per capita workload is not reduced. XYZ Co. started from scratch, so it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it, which means that a small number of people need to take on a lot of work, it is a torture.

short-term pain three: perhaps not the fear of success

‘s founding team, with little or no salary, took a long time to do a lot of work, which often lasted for months. No matter how hard they try, no one can guarantee the company

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