SEO and personal resources

SEO and personal resources

SEO do a lot of friends mentioned a very important point, do SEO personal resources are very important.

what is the personal resources specifically refers to the interpretation of the less, from between the lines revealed the meaning, most should refer to their hand site. If you own a bunch of Web sites, and then push the new site is naturally easier.

but I think the real personal resources are human resources, rather than the number of sites in their own hands.


I do new sites, not put their hands on existing website all cross link, can never be exchanged with a number of Web links again to exchange links, this link is easy to search engine to detect link mills.

there are a small number of links from their web site is no problem, but if all these sites are linked to the same model, there is a certain risk. So when a new website builds a link, I’m always looking for new links.

at this time have a good interpersonal relationship, especially in the same industry interpersonal relationship is very important. While it is common to say that your peers are light, you will be in a good position if you can do things differently in your industry.

to try to keep a good relationship with the webmaster, even if you do not look like the beginning of the station and what relationship. Many webmasters have a lot of sites in different industries, and sometimes can not think of him from his own resources to find out what links to you.

why do so many people spend thousands of dollars to attend the conference? In fact, the guests are generally able to know in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but these people are not in the industry conference on the Internet can easily find. To participate in a meeting will be able to understand dozens of hundreds of peers or related industries. Keep in touch with them, is the precious wealth on the development and promotion of the website.

is a personal experience, a lot of famous, and their relations are not a little old distant characters, are actually very good speak very enthusiastic people. Often look at their blog, occasionally contact, exchange of experience, only the benefits of no harm. When necessary, they can be a great help.

do not underestimate and ignore the seemingly unknown webmaster.

of course, this connection can not be too utilitarian, do not come up on the need to exchange links or something.

interpersonal value far exceeds the link itself.

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