About the official car platform Shouqi about cars completed 220 million A round of financing

days ago, cars, about the car announced that it has completed the A round of 220 million yuan financing. It is understood that the financing led Party voted for the China construction investment group member enterprises built branch investment Limited by Share Ltd.

first steam car about the person in charge said that in addition to in Beijing has invested thousands of vehicles, will also be opened to other city test, plans to complete the 20 city test before and after the Spring Festival, preparing for the national network operation platform. It is understood that the first steam car into the city after about taking a local taxi company cooperation, so as to ensure legal compliance, vehicle and driver.



led the construction investment is built for the China Huake group member enterprises. According to the construction investment branch responsible person, the company dedicated to carry out equity investment and asset management business in the new generation of information technology industry and the "Internet plus" industries, including investment focus on intelligent transportation, telemedicine, internet education will upgrade the traditional industries of the internet.

the official said, with the economic new normal arrival, the consumption structure upgrade driving growth in related industries, industrial development and the Internet can be a better combination of enterprises will have greater growth opportunities. The future of intelligent travel market is in great demand, a good momentum of development, positioning in the high-end car service demand is very potential for development, investment institutions focus on investment.

the construction investment branch into the capital Shouqi about the car, it is good for high-end car market based on about travel. The first steam car about the responsible person also said that the future will give full play to cars, about car compliance, professional advantages, competitive differentiation, market expansion mainly for high-end business travel clients.

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