Hisense group network marketing strategy has achieved remarkable results

Hisense group as China’s leading enterprises of electronic appliances, to provide products to consumers at the same time change rapidly, using its own technology advantage, active and innovative marketing mode, trying to make up for lack of traditional marketing means in the international financial crisis situation, especially achieved significant results in the TV shopping sales, network marketing strategy. Since 2006 the formal implementation of the TV shopping mode, in 2007 the Hisense group TV shopping sales growth of 80% over the year of 2008, an increase of 255% over the year of 2007, much higher than the average growth rate of the TV shopping industry grew by 30%.

in the current international financial crisis, the emerging network marketing sales, TV shopping, telephone marketing, mail order, provide more choices for the diversification of traditional enterprise sales, and under the pressure of the financial crisis, a new sales model provides a more direct and convenient, higher efficiency and lower cost the marketing strategy for enterprises.

in the TV shopping model of marketing, Hisense has with Hunan TV’s happy purchase, Zhejiang media group, Jiangsu media group good Tesco, nearly 10 provincial family QVC Company launched a cooperation. Hisense is also a positive response to the national call of the home appliances to the countryside, the first in Hangzhou, Shenyang Yijia easy to buy a good purchase of TV shopping channel to implement the product sales of home appliances to the countryside, to remote rural consumers can also enjoy the national policy of good.

for the young generation to choose more features of online shopping, Hisense increased investment in this area, the establishment of the LDK online store, the opening of the network trading platform, expand marketing channels, laid the foundation for the development of new marketing strategy to grow.

Author: Hui Chong network www.hainanweb.net

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