On the nternet brand marketing from the event of Lan Xiang excavator

whether you are rich handsome or white Formica, whether you are a true or false nouveau riche grass root, so far, if you don’t know what happened that you really excavator industry, is the saddo.

said the excavator, the first reaction is what people? Yes, that is Lan Xiang, somewhere in Shandong technical school. So the question is, China in this country, the technical school in front of those tall on the university always suppressed, today he how such a fire?

is accidental or inevitable?

search far network marketing that everything is the Internet today and everything will be the Internet tomorrow, nothing is impossible. Then again, is not all of the grass root brand have the opportunity to re energized, the achievements of a valiant record was, at least in a stage for a story


did not dare to say you can do like the God of Lan Xiang in the limelight excavator, we also hit aside the excavator is not to love his father and mother brought what negative pressure, things we stand on the position of dialysis about the Internet brand marketing communication is necessary to do.

1 brand positioning is very important, adhere to the positioning is more important

Lan Xiang is in the

position from beginning to end China difficult to get in good taste the technical school, for the group is really pure grass root grass root, as in the past but they stick to their network positioning, customer is a group of grass root, is grass root skill, grass root with grass root, door on, from this point we need to know. To understand your customers, then according to your client to pinpoint your location, location is not necessarily one that is high-end tall ah ah, what the right is right.

2 positioning communication is the key to remember the slogan

has a good location, you have to let everyone know that Lan Xiang has done very well in this regard, he focus on positioning design a catchy slogan, which excavator technology and strong technical school of Shandong, you can find Lan Xiang, the slogan suddenly speak their location, and let the customers do not have to remember the


3 claims to be consistent, till death do us part

this tells us that sometimes the customer is not remember you, but you don’t know which point, if the enterprise will make a slogan, alone each is good, each with great efforts to promote, but finally confused is the customer is always injured yourself, so think about Lan Xiang, in addition to "what which excavator" can you remember? But this is enough.

4 Marketing occasion to effortlessly make a


search far network marketing that the Lan Xiang that excavators and non Lan Xiang deliberately, that is their brand positioning and insist on the development of the Internet to the inevitable product of today, which has to be stressed that Lan Xiang is a grass root, but always looking to the rising rich handsome high branches, and get you >

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