Talk about website publicity toil

you are not to visit the site and a little bit of travel around it? Do you see the site is not a fixed crowd and anxious?

actually do more every day may be a lot, below I talk about some propaganda toil. The time when you can try, do not trouble, not afraid of tired, also do not attend to face. Love is not a good webmaster webmaster!!

1 to the major forum registered members, of course, these forums have to be selective, do not go home to see what they think is suitable for their own site to register the theme. You write a message, the content of information to be concise and to the point, and then copy it, euphemism is rational, the forum members in information! Do you feel so tired? You thought, this return rate is the highest, if you use the free one hour on 360 such information you may to 300 people visit your site, think again, if they don’t delete your information, then the next time they will see, will also visit the. By no means should not stop like a person, so that people will be bored.

2 post, first write your post, post to best original, attractive and shandongli. You can then work, of course, some strict management, if you throw it, post may be deleted, serious point may be title, weigh yourself, if not, you get a post machine line, this can save you time.

3 or

reply message, before an article about this problem, today I repeat it, actually this post and the method about the same, some news is written to you can reply, reply content, copy and paste. Go to someone else’s blog or space message, copy, paste, attention, the message must have a level, do not let people hate, specifically how to say, their own good pondering it.

4.QQ news group, the It differs from man to man. for me, and I want to give some information to some Adsense let them buy my flow, how do I do the webmaster of QQ together, then QQ chat mandatory, give them the information, there is not enough meaning? Hehe I said, aimianzi webmaster is not a good webmaster, and my message is not those who like to write a few words of junk information. Such an hour can also send hundreds of, don’t be afraid of tired.

to write so much, maybe I wrote these many people wrote, my level is limited, but is feeling, we hope that the inadequacies.

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