Q & a marketing should be how to have effect

platform is a search based on the interactive quizzes sharing platform, general quiz marketing platform Baidu, 360, Sogou, Tianya, know the side, there are a lot of friends in every moment to help others solve problems for the enterprise, ask the importance of marketing there is no doubt that in the end how to do marketing quiz, quiz through marketing to bring the greatest benefits to this company? The quiz marketing promotion skills

1 grades: high grade quiz questions account greatly improved success rate! Higher levels, that account contributions will be greater, so in the name of the account to answer, then piggyback an advertising content is often easier to audit by

2: ask where to buy certain, then answer is to a certain place to buy, the effect of advertising quiz, even if it is not a hyperlink URL, also often is not audited by, so the answer must be accurate, the problem should be carefully designed to satisfy many users search habits, so that it can enhance the answer to the problem of exposure, enhance the answer marketing effect. Recommend the use of foreign software copy writing function to write professional Q & A!

3: mutual aid between Baidu know quiz release and answer cannot make a IP, so the firm can not just ask questions, with the same IP answer, this cheating behavior can easily be found and deleted, so you can add some Q & a mutual aid group, the group members can help each other to answer recommended! "Bo Yang" Baidu know answer to release software to ask a three answer and adopt


4 said: ask the answer is a question of marketing way, can publish their own questions, and then after a period of time to open the switch IP software to go below your problems with another account to answer, then after a period of time and then switch the IP account by asking the adoption. However, this way is more cumbersome, recommended the use of Bo Yang Baidu know the software Q & a release to ask a three plus plus function!

5 vendor selection: if you want to select suppliers to operate under the condition that the price and the package must consider supplier complement delete time! In the case of Baidu, 24 hour quiz survival rate is probably less than 30%, 48 hour quiz survival rate in 50-60%, the 7 day survival rate in more than 90% questions that suggests looking for suppliers to guarantee the survival rate of at least 7 days


6 Summary: quiz marketing network marketing is the most common, but also the best platform! So we need a long-term process, advertising marketing must become more flexible, not obvious stiff advertisements, which are conducive to website marketing, so as to enhance the effectiveness of marketing


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