The correct positioning of their own choose the direction of efforts

in the operation of any project, regardless of the entity or network, we first have to have an accurate positioning. I personally think that the world is divided into four kinds of people, because I do the Internet industry, so for each kind of person, I only give each person a suitable network project.

the first kind of people do not want to invest, have executive power. This person is not suitable for the boss, because not to invest, that not enough boldness. I’ve heard too many people with the same excuse: "I have no money."". Money is not every person born, even two rich generation, three rich generation, a rich source of his generation is also a forceful man. No courage, no guts, worried about the risk, this is my three point to this kind of person a summary of the shortcomings. "Every bean has its black.", if the reverse thinking to think about this sentence, it is not possible for one person only shortcomings, he will also have their own advantages, the advantages of the first one is the execution, so if they choose their occupation in reality, I think that they are blue collar workers the best choice. If it is to choose jobs on the Internet, I think they should choose blue collar workers.

project recommendation: Taobao customer, Witkey, CPA.

second people want to invest, and the amount of investment is large, but no execution. If you are reading this article you belong to this kind of person, then close your eyes and see if they are learning and practice ability, if you have the ability to learn and practice, you can make a small business owner, the entity I don’t know what you should do, but I know you can at least on the Internet do a white-collar. Here is the ability to learn to learn team building management, practical ability is the ability to learn team building management can be applied. If these two can be done, it can at least lead a small team.

recommended items: network shop, network alliance, bidding.

third kinds of people do not want to invest, and no execution. Do not dare to do investors, do not fail, and do not want to work. Basically can conclude that this kind of people will not make money, if you want to recommend this kind of person suitable for work, not on the network, the entity is the project – Civil servants. On how to be a civil servant, I only know two ways, one is the pit father, one is their own efforts to study the exam, but such people are doomed to be lazy, so their efforts to study the probability of not very big. Of course, I know a lot of civil servants is to study hard to get their own exams.

fourth kinds of people can invest, but the amount of investment is less, and execution. I personally think that this person is very good, because we don’t need much courage, modern society does not need too much heroism, and verve characters we have seen are heroes. Dare to invest, regardless of how much that is at least ambitious; execution, that this person is not lazy. Investment + hard work, not equal to success, at least equal to make money. This kind of people can operate the project regardless of the entity or network, there are too many projects.


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