Network marketing is sometimes a psychological warfare

is the webmaster or whether we work in the company, but said we often contact network marketing, we are not unfamiliar, and that most of the webmaster will find network marketing network marketing is the key in the network above, but in fact not the case. I think that network marketing is the key not only is no longer on the network, but in marketing, why? Because the network is just a media tool only, we mainly through the network marketing is the user, only clear point can we work really do network marketing.

so many new friends think network marketing is very simple, only need to study all the details in the network through the can, for example, most people think that network marketing is to build the website, HTML code, backstage management, website optimization or promotion etc. understand is to learn the network marketing, but really understand the owners of these marketing master less and less.

we take some examples of the most common reality in the network marketing, such as selling vegetables in the vegetable market, we will find that those who shouted the voice of the seller to sell than others have the price advantage will attract many people’s attention, and their business are more popular, selling more food. We should be good at small to see, from a small place to see the big direction. We all know that the final purpose of network marketing is to attract users more eyeballs that allows more users to focus on us or our products, and now the network has a lot of people did not seem to elaborate marketing events, but in fact it is behind the planning staff carefully designed.

we still illustrate, for example, the front time is very popular in a word, "XXX, your mother calling you home for dinner", this sentence I think you all know, its popularity even from the Internet to spread to the reality of the network, and from the network spread to major entertainment TV programs, and even the mainstream media become a host of funny lines. In fact, we have to admire the powerful network planning, for example, just from the beginning of a post let this line popular in china. In fact, the most important thing is the hype is more close to the users of the life, although there is a spoof of the content in them, but the users themselves to help you even help us spread the marketing events, this is the key to success.

so webmaster friends in network marketing network marketing is what will not as large concert stage, but as your own show, let us go to meet the network marketing in a relaxed mood. Finally, in this paper, welcome to reprint, please indicate the author but the station, shopping:

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