Hand to teach you to promote the site to increase the flow of the site

many webmaster for their hard to do stand without flow of distress and indeed no one is not white do website a? So many owners have been looking for, I summed up the following method using the following method is good and fine that you put any use well, you will succeed

1 post

post is still a good way, 1 good posts can bring you more than 1000 or even IP. Another post will be transferred will effectively increase the chain.

mainly depends on how you send, to tell the truth, I do not like mass. The success rate is very low, it is not necessary. Good post, once enough. But can’t send that kind of stupid stick what to come here to look at free QB now everyone is trying to BS these content

content is best original, but I think so. 100 may be only in the article is written by ourselves, and the rest are all 1. I usually take a better title in the article and then add a PS one or two sentence at the beginning or the end of the article.

I recommend Baidu

forum Post Bar and Q {QBAR}

2 group

feeds you do well, will bring you a lot of traffic! Registered more than a few, not too much

365KEY POCO Sina

recommended links

3 text chain

there are a lot of ninety percent but there are a few good recommendation of the contents of the Yellow: serious even 51TRAFFIC these two long-term test content is very healthy!

4 brush station alliance

into a few brush stations

51 The Pioneer sardine can flow ^-^

5 friendship connection

new site webmaster, I think this is a very difficult thing. Because you don’t want others to PR PV old webmaster about me is not to say Links is important   specific promotion methods for these types and within what email virus ~~~


do you feel the above 5 points, you have done, are familiar with, in fact, you are just familiar with, and did not go to the implementation of any point, you can go deep inside. Further

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