Tencent Soso Ask to get huge P traffic

I used to have a website, I do not know how to receive the maximum flow, and the speed is also fast, after the introduction and answer the friend I didn’t know how to get IP more traffic, now my site almost every day there are more than 2 thousand IP all is from the station of Tencent SOSO to ask, why will bring so much IP, I’ll give you about how I do it, is actually very simple, is a little more difficult, but it is not very hard, novice webmaster friends, please take a look at this article good Oh, absolutely great help please see below for you!


(a) vest question and reply

1: why do I say Ma3 jia3 questions and reply? This question is very simple, I believe many of my friends know what happened! Very simple (complex), I believe that is not generally diligent webmaster is not to do so, because I feel very troublesome, but also very complicated, very tired, anyway, vest question and reply, it is for you to ask about your website, then you are to answer, the answer is to ask you to do (to do)

2: your site is to do the decoration related websites, then you go to this question (who can give me a decoration company’s website, or decorative design related resources) asked after you then answer. For example, I introduce you to a relatively good decoration company website, what you need, address: www.zgxmf.com) this answer is nothing.

(two) to answer other people’s questions (experience)

1: Please note when answering the questions, not a problem to answer a question, to see what type of problems, such as he is questioning software or computer related problems then you have to answer questions related to software, such as network information so the problem you have to answer issues related to the information network, such as the information network is to use this way to answer the questions, such as decoration related issues you will answer some questions decoration, the decoration is my company’s website, then answer (Zigong decoration company: www.zgxmf.com) to reply, because the only way to reply to questions through the audit, and the speed is also fast, have the opportunity to be adopted as a satisfactory answer.

(three) how to get traffic


1: in accordance with what I said above to do your traffic naturally come, why? Because a lot of people in the SOSO above to search for answers or have solved the problem. Such a search can search out the others you answered, when you answer a question to leave your website address, because others see you answer the questions are helpful, so who want to click through to your site to see, this is not brought IP traffic.? Oh, it is very simple, but is still relatively complex. >

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