Examples of the most practical interpretation of the most effective forum website

is the most important forum to promote the site construction is the most effective method, which is the main way of publicity selling distribution platform early station, now had the experience to share out the exchange with you, welcome to brick QQ916711710. The forum includes many kinds, according to their website positioning, selling distribution platform is mainly to do shop dealers and wholesale business entities, so some forum propaganda into sources of information, shopping, merchant, recruitment, etc. many kinds of community portal.

1, forum selection

search related to the platform of the Forum on Baidu keyword, such as source forum, forum, forum shopping agency distribution, Entrepreneurship Forum and many, many words, the slow accumulation of many forums, can also direct the research of competitors (this is important), see their promotional information: Baidu search method domain:+ each other.

2, forum analysis

After selecting

forum, we must analyze the forum, leaving high popularity, high ranking forum, the main section of research forum and the audience, campaigns focus on high popularity, post or article more plate.


posts or articles

1). Want to see some rules before posting or article, according to the provisions of the forum, otherwise made in vain, sooner or later be deleted. For a pure information forum can be unscrupulous, how to attract people to send content, for other banned Advertising Forum to speak skills, such as: join the site ranking keywords in the posts or articles, and then to Baidu keyword plus links.

2). Post or article, you must set the personal signature, and can send pictures, can link the other there is to send special symbols, finished paste or articles, often must go to the top, such posts and articles will not be submerged, can always see the light. There is good to see someone Posts and articles can take the sofa next, please leave.

In fact, there are many small

forum propaganda techniques, this is only a small part of them, the key is to personally go to the test, to experience, and then according to their own experience summed up a set of their own propaganda methods, this is the most important.

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