Wang Tong the United States and the United States Department of the back end strategy


I invested in the enterprise, there is a room called the United States and the United States, mainly to do overseas real estate, is currently the largest potential of a company.

because I do network marketing, I pay more attention to their web site data, each time to open the site traffic statistics, see the site traffic is so small, I am more anxious than their ceo.


After all,

just got a small investment, has just moved to a new office, also added to many new expert in monthly operating cost is not small, how can the site does not promote


has just sent me a screenshot on WeChat CEO Ma Rui, said that this flow is not good, and then I gave him a few competitors website, said they are much larger than our traffic ah.

: Yes, they’ve done it for years, but they don’t make money.

I said, we want to make money, you need to increase efforts to promote ah, why not step up efforts to promote it?

Ma Rui: don’t push!

I asked: why?

Ma Rui: now rely on channels to the business has been a bit busy now, it is urgent to recruit more sales to convert.

Department of team

Freddie is a very cattle, certainly can do listed companies, if you are interested in overseas real estate sales, can be added to their team, they directly add CEO WeChat: 1723919577

also reminds me of a few years ago, Liu Keya talked to me about the concept, that day in the house of Liu Keya downstairs to drink coffee, he said, he suddenly realized, do marketing to the back end!

what is the backend first?

is the first part of the user and traffic, the back end is to tap the value of the user, if you do not have the back end, do not have any good to do before, but will waste a lot of marketing costs. Therefore, the back-end to do things, in fact, to do a good job in marketing strategies.

that’s why there are so many websites that have a lot of traffic, but they don’t make money.

access to customers, originally divided into two blocks:

1, offline channel

2, online channel

The United States Department of

real line channels of cooperation, has brought in Everfount customers through these customers, their own strength good practice to enhance the conversion rate, improve the team, and then use the online promotion to enlarge, is very simple.

backend first, this is a very important marketing strategy!

if you want to learn more about marketing, please pay attention to the public, dry cargo, WeChat [tongwangnet].

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