A brief description of several simple and practical low cost marketing methods

network sales, as the name suggests, is to sell the product through the Internet, the essence is to use the Internet as a tool for sale. Broadly speaking, any network marketing as the main means of marketing activities, in order to achieve a certain marketing objectives, can be called network marketing.

different periods, the gap is not the same, the development trend is not the same, so the marketing approach is not the same.

1 content marketing

everything is not to make money for the purpose of marketing is bullying, but a straightforward some a soft point, like violence and love, the purpose is the same, but the content is easy to accept it.


by the original "common DISCO" the Divine Comedy, Dicos B to create a "God station common Disco version of the" crispy drumstick, Luo Meng in tone and " not the same girl; beard Tahan " this peculiar style, absolutely sensuous, memorable. Although it is not a ghost, but whether it is innovative or visual effects are not the same, I would say I saw several times?

2 story marketing

a lot of people like to listen to stories, especially those who have a story, what is the story of the story? Is related to your product or even a combination of.

For example:

DOVE (Dove):DO you love me? The spread of a cook and the princess to the people loyal through thick and thin love story twists and turns, to the last moment of life to be able to express his love in my heart.

analysis: a lot of people not because of the story and know this brand, but know this brand to understand this story, either way, will only make you feel that this is a story of chocolate "or even the next purchase of similar products will be preferred because the meaning of thought of this brand.


marketing occasion

1 in the hot 1 hours after the golden age of marketing occasion. If you can send a poster in a very short time in the hot spots, whether it is a circle of friends or micro-blog will have a lot of people with your pictures to forward.

, for example, in the face of the book before Jay Chou sent a message to update the Facebook, announced the joy when Dad, and immediately rushed to occupy the headlines.

major brands began marketing occasion bombarded.

, Coca-Cola, jumei.com, Sprite, McDonald’s, millet mobile phone and so on big brands have started a new round of bombing.


marketing effortsIn fact,

marketing scheming everywhere, but some of you may not.

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