SEO optimization case an information portal optimization program

first, the site analysis of the speed of information Hong Kong ( positioning in China enterprise information portal B2B platform. For enterprises and individuals to provide enterprise information and product procurement / investment information release platform, as well as the latest processing cooperation, agents, business information services. Two, website optimization target analysis

speed information port to build into a set of B2B, the leading online trading, online trading, online trading market, trading, trading information, trade opportunities, business information, procurement, supply and demand information, purchase information, supply information, processing agents, business cooperation, information industry, business services, the best platform, and then through the service the speed of information platform in Hong Kong to enhance the speed of information harbor "the influence of the brand, and enhance the user in the field of business information on the" speed information harbor "brand recognition and loyalty. It is an important link in the brand strategy.

we believe that to make full use of the search driven website influence and brand awareness, let website frequently appear in front of the search results, each user will search relevant business information are "attracted" to speed up Web site, and through the rich content and good service, to meet the information needs of the user. Let the user recognition speed information, and then accept the "speed information port". How to make the web site in the search engine performance, make the search easier for users to find us, it should be comprehensive, careful and effective to search engine optimization work on the site; after a careful analysis of the speed information of Hong Kong, we think to carry out the whole optimization, the optimization work in all aspects of the channel, in order to improve the search engine included the number of pages, and web page rank right at all levels Heavy, at the same time, we will analyze the effective key words through a number of strategies to the reasonable layout of the page, and ultimately enhance the number of keywords in the search engine rankings.

three, 1, keyword analysis target user search engine analysis we investigated the " in Baidu and Google two mainstream behavior search; electronic commerce, B2B and other related search keywords, summarized as follows:

is continuing to observe the user search behavior, we analysis as follows: the user is different in different stages of the search; early, "electronic commerce, investment agents, such as search keywords" in large quantities, at this stage, the user needs is to provide the electronic commerce information industry; medium: combination of keywords such as "transaction the market, online trading, online trading, trading information" demand increases, at this stage, the user targeted area started in accordance with the product information; later, "industry information, recruitment, business network, business information, network search quantity, from the analysis of behavior, more to the latter, chance to buy tickets the normal way is low, therefore, second-hand ticket transactions began active. In summary, our optimization work in addition to the overall improvement, focus on different direction but also in the three period. 2, the content of the web site analysis of the main content of the speed of information harbor: the user released the enterprise / person

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