How small and medium businesses to start the meal O2O

lead: small catering businesses do O2O, may wish to do some lightweight early start, learning by doing, quick trial and error, while summing up the edge extracted with valuable experience and lessons of their own development.


given the huge rigid demand market scale, people and high frequency of consumption and other characteristics, the catering industry is one of the Internet giant, and entrepreneurial team to seize the market today, the catering industry is a lot of network platform cross coverage. At the same time, with the popularity of mobile Internet platform, go to the center of the trend is increasingly clear, many catering enterprises and entrepreneurs in the new to the net, want to do catering, by O2O mode during the Internet thinking, systematization, standardization, fan model, membership, big data and so on Vocabulary filled eye and ear, experts pointing Jiangshan, passionate words, but the O2O of many small and medium-sized catering businesses concerned, seem to understand, but it is somewhat difficult and somewhat confused.

the value of the Internet business is only in the promotion, improve visibility, buy with customers, such as the impression that, yes, but the business is weak with the normal operation of the combination. With micro-blog, WeChat hot, in many micro marketing gurus call, business focus from the PC gradually began to pay attention to the mobile terminal, there is a general impression that many employers still feel shallow on the Internet, not to mention the mobile internet.

yes, the rise and spread of Huang Taiji, carved sirloin and other cases, some do catering friends some excited, but not really tasted the sweetness, lack of power and half believe and half doubt is the normal phenomenon. From an objective point of view, do a good job O2O is a systematic project, want to accomplish, not realistic. As we all know, people’s work and life style is changing, which will inevitably affect the business innovation, the future, the food and beverage industry and the Internet will be more closely. And hide as retreat webs, do not wait until the O2O really mature, when various theories and conventional methods all over the place to do it, because it means that the loss of market opportunities.

small catering businesses do O2O, first will not immediately back systematic burden is too heavy, can do some light early start, learning by doing, quick trial and error, while summing up the edge extracted with valuable experience and lessons for their own development, rapid iteration, the actual return again to strengthen power O2O upgrade.

follow the "first" thinking ", followed by" thought "," thinking ", and then again" practice "the logic of the line, catering businesses should think twice, according to the basic conditions of different businesses, good practices," bad "and" bad ", but just want to do O2O not only stay in the cerebral cortex.

O2O premise: user thinking

any boss will understand that the size of the business depends on the market recognition and reputation, so customers can not afford to offend. The O2O requires businesses to further adjust their thinking, adhere to the "customer-centric"

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