Precision marketing precision marketing skills

there is a place where marketing, this is a bit of a word, QQ space in the past there is a strange QQ message that long time no see, I changed the QQ, and I also really go to add, and later found that this is marketing. And before, myself to others this message a little space, the effect of any people, because this method has generally, we all know is the marketing! Here, relates to a marketing topic, accurate? Marketing has no longer, and users generally have little rejection of heart. Accurate to do is cut into the user’s needs, that is, to make you need customers, but also to let customers need your product!

so, how do we do precision marketing!

first, the major platforms to carry out precise crowd screening


forum, the forum is the intersection of information, there is no lack of peer marketing. On the mother and child forum, it is not difficult to carry out precise marketing screening here, specifically from the two aspects can be seen. One, ask a question, this type is mainly the difficult mother needs help! Two, spontaneous discussion topics, published a discussion of product related topics, to participate in the discussion are classified as


Q & a platform: now do Q & a marketing has been a lot of fierce competition. A question and answer, you can use two, one question, one answer. I generally use a small essay and then implanted QQ number, you can add at the end of what do not understand can add me QQ slogans. Then in the back to ask, add some praise language, increase the conviction. Who is to answer questions, skills and questions and answers, like a classification of topics to answer, remember that the answer must be quality, can be used as the best answer!

through QQ group plus friends: QQ group marketing is never outdated topic, here mainly through QQ plus friends. Can be selected through group chat, general questioner, chat are potential users. This type can be added, especially the questioner. Look at the signature and talk about, signature and talk is often life habits and life dynamic expression, you can see the relevance of the product, is not a potential user, to achieve precise marketing results!

second, with a personal website for precision marketing

through personal website, blog, space, and other methods to do precise platform.

Take the

blog to say, your blog is mainly to share knowledge, to provide some product information, at this time, in order to distinguish precision marketing, can take a survey page, if you can do cosmetic products, a beauty issue questionnaire, participants were asked to stay at last contact, so the participating ninety-nine percent users are accurate.

furthermore, you can set up a Q & a QQ, to provide beauty quiz, plus QQ is also a basic user to ask questions.

to achieve accurate, in fact, is to look at the user’s demand for the product, from the user >

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