7 tips micro business marketing circle of friends will know

joined the micro business novice, to test the water micro taking a long time, why can the marketing circle of friends or even be friends No one shows any interest in, pull the black shielding case. Micro business how to do if you are doing WeChat marketing, have encountered such a problem, please follow the following self – diagnosis, can help you find the cause.

to do the marketing circle of friends, it is very important! No meaning, no depth, no interaction, what are not, feel like a dead city, dead. You don’t want to see the circle of friends, who want to see, finally leaving only the circle, where many micro friends? Thought every day taking advertising map, home to you what you think, forwarding, so you can put products sent out, which is so simple, if so, that’s all make a fortune.

so, how to do micro circle of friends circle marketing, we should master what skills and methods?

tips, positioning

marketing is the first element of positioning, do micro business, in fact, is to do marketing, so we must know their position. What products you sell, what services should be very clear. The more accurate your positioning, your customer base is accurate, so the conversion rate is high, the fans do not lie in more, and in precision.

tip two, provide value

why should I pay attention to you, in addition to you are my friends, more because you have value. Your beautiful is a kind of value, you will make money is a kind of value, your product can help her is also a kind of value. In short, what is your value, you can give them what you want to know. Therefore, we must tap their own advantages, and then zoom in. Whether you are on behalf of, or a small agent, you have value, the total generation to think about how to lead your team to grow and make money.

secret three, video sharing

now WeChat launched a feature, small video sharing, which is also a good tool for doing business micro. For example, you shipped, you deliver, you see who, you can send them through the video, so that people feel authentic. Many people always say that we are taking to micro, if you have a pile of goods today, by way of video out, credibility is very high. Is often used in video so that your customers, your agent will be more confident.

tips four, share life

a lot of people do the contents of the circle of friends marketing is advertising, I do not know whether she really do not know how to share, or do not want to share. Micro business is a life marketing, emotional marketing, if all advertising, talk about life, talk about what emotion. TM I do not know anything, do not know you, how to buy products with you, how can I trust you to go?

circle of friends a daily life of the content, you can enhance the emotional and customer, close the distance between you. There is a real time to share your customer feedback, agency feedback, your team style, your orders

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