To do the Chinese version of YC Look at the listing of three new board innovation how to make money

innovation works recently moves constantly, following the announcement before the "IT manager world" magazine founder Wang Chao joined the Innovation workshop as CMO, yesterday announced that the world bank group members of the international financial company third to Innovation workshop dollar fund investment of $15 million.

innovation works chairman Li Kaifu (micro-blog) said on the day before the Tencent of science and technology, innovation works third dollar fund raising is very smooth, IFC percentage of investment is not particularly large, but IFC and cooperation can bring Innovation workshop model to the rest of the world.

actually, after six years of development, innovation works has developed two pieces: the first piece is a business investment business, which is also the innovation works of the main business, through fund management, to provide funding for outstanding entrepreneurs;

business incubator is second piece of business innovation works, is also the Innovation workshop was founded in six years, experience accumulated service of many entrepreneurs, is committed to supporting the future of "unicorn", has been listed on the new board in February, the first three new board incubator shares.

so, business incubator innovation works development exactly how, how profitable, an information technology Tencent to display, Innovation workshop goal is to do China version of Y Combinator, the future may be further extended to the business at home and abroad.

business incubator territory: covering 6 plates


Innovation workshop incubator was founded in 2009 by Li Kaifu, chairman of the Innovation workshop, designed to help young people succeed in business.

innovation works incubator business mainly covers 6 of the most active or frontier areas are consumer Internet /O2O, digital entertainment, intelligent hardware / robot, 2B/ enterprise services, online education, Internet banking, covering at least 300 companies.


innovation works incubator profit model is a stable income + excess returns, specifically divided into all aspects of service, service, hatching hatching depth of entrepreneurial business school (heroes, brotherhood).

among them, all aspects of incubation services are divided into investment institutions and services for start-up companies, from the investment institutions to obtain a fixed proportion of income for the start-up company services in exchange for service fee income or equity income.


among them, innovation incubator business in 2015 operating income of 50 million 460 thousand yuan, operating income grew by more than the same period last year, $85.82%.

revenue growth is because the business service income and fund management outsourcing services revenue over the same period last year were achieved 121.13% and 251.52% growth, the number of growth Innovation workshop service startups and services increased the size of the fund growth.

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