Talk about how to treat circle of friends marketing reasonable and see more important

on WeChat circle of friends, has always been a hot topic, it is easy to imagine, after all, WeChat as nowadays the user opens the highest frequency of software, unlimited potential commercial value contained in it. So we can see whether it is her acquaintances or on the Internet cafe, everyone began to play on this, hoping WeChat development in the east to realize their dream of gold business network.

for the thoughts and behaviors of such, I strongly support the potential of WeChat, after all everyone is obvious to people, as long as reasonable use, so it is an effective exploitation of resources, or do not go to waste. But reasonable two words is easier than to do, many people tend to see the circle of friends because there is no real value and great efficiency of doing publicity, how will not speak, only from the effect that has no meaning. Therefore, every time around the circle of friends when it comes to the marketing of friends, I will always add a final dialogue, reasonable and see more important.

after all, there are people in the place, there will be a deal, it will naturally form a market, WeChat circle of friends in the marketing and above the truth is the same, not to mention WeChat has a huge user base behind. This shows that it is impossible to put an end to all things, the law of development, homeopathy is the truth. So, as mentioned earlier, how should we look at the circle of friends for WeChat


one, find a reasonable living space. WeChat said that if the first marketing chaotic environment you can fish in troubled waters if you now must not do this thing. It can be said to play the edge ball approach will not work now, but also is facing the possibility of the punishment to the short-term interests of the number of fans ruin their hard savings, it is a bit too. What is a long-term strategy, not to be waste, to the healthy and stable long-term development is the hard truth, don’t care about short-term earnings targets, consider their own development problems in the long run, no longer living space you have much ability, your market is so great, that you can long-term operation down, WeChat marketing the environment has been purified, if you are the next, what you face saying they still have the opportunity to develop


second, grasp the stability of the marketing process. Now we see more of the various advantages of WeChat in marketing and ultimately ignored an important point, that is, the stability of the entire process of marketing. For example, in marketing, information spread has absolutely no effect, or information is constantly expanding, away from the thing itself, the meaning of the original, created his own point of no control, whether it is propaganda or weaken propaganda is not a good result, the marketing process is in need of a stability. A kind of artificial control to concern, if we are to marketing and marketing, in order to promote the promotion, only the pursuit of exposure and not pay attention to the derivative effect behind the possible, then ultimately lose or our own. Circle of friends marketing can not be one-sided, as some media numbers will be in order to focus on the amount of

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