Some views on the operation of B2C industry shopping website

  Internet era, good planning, plan all the practice after the success will be considered an example of classic success, not success has no echo, following the idea of what I say, not necessarily good, success is not necessarily suitable for other sites, for your reference, learning together.

1, B2C site development in the early part of the first part of a lot of thought is SEO, personally believe that the development of B2C should focus on the content of the site and the program structure of rationality. A huge B2C mall is bound to require a lot of goods and information to supplement the site’s page.

2, the site after a period of operation (increase in goods, information) search engine index page will not be less, at this time can also be considered appropriate search engine optimization, optimization of the page keywords.

3, the third is Baidu, the Baidu search engine can be said to have a pivotal position in the minds of all China webmaster, if Baidu index web page 100 thousand, you can be sure that means Baidu can give at least 5000 of the traffic site every day brings.

4, bidding, a lot of people think the price is a burn pattern, actually wrong, select the appropriate keyword bidding for the core product website development, promote the website to enter the profitable stage in advance.

5, buy traffic, there should be many owners have had to buy flow experience, personally think that to buy over the flow, in addition to let your website ALEXA slightly up a little, there is no benefit to the site itself, an industry website, if there are 1W pages, 500 thousand PV every day, don’t you

feel strange?

6, sixth point and the first point is similar to increase product, increase the product of this industry is a long-term work, if you have a 100W product, then take out the 1W in the Baidu home page is not surprising, if you have 10 products, to take out the 5 row in the Baidu home page, this should be very challenging, it should be needless to say, but it is often neglected webmasters place.

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