Five effective ways to increase the number of micro blog fans Tencent

chat over those years, we have played with Tencent micro-blog today we come together to talk about how to increase the number of micro-blog Tencent fans. To do micro-blog promotion, micro-blog marketing that premise is to have a huge number of fans, then how should we do to increase the number of micro-blog fans do?

first, micro-blog also need to locate

web site or blog or not, we all need to do of course positioning, Tencent micro-blog also need positioning. Can we find a good positioning value for our customers; through the positioning, can we be on micro-blog log update provides direction; through the positioning, let us more targeted.

second, personal information, the more detailed the better

users in the powder you will see what you are doing, how old, work information, educational information, personal introduction, if he is interested in you, he will powder you. The information can be displayed through the setting of personal information to complete. The higher the level of information, it means that the more you want to clear, in the user’s point of view, the more you take seriously, the more attention to their own, rather than just play. If there are conditions can do micro-blog certification.

third, micro-blog content needs to be updated frequently


information now Baidu included soon, ranking in a short time could rush to the first page of the first, which is more than any kind of promotion effects are good, but micro-blog has characteristics of timeliness, this ranking is not stable, the ranking will drop to second days after a few pages. So we need to frequently update micro-blog information, to ensure that we have always been the key word ranking.

update through micro-blog, allowing more users to find you, you focus on the release of information in a particular field, the user will be concerned about this aspect of the information will take the initiative to powder you. For example, you do website promotion, website planning, website marketing, website SEO optimization, you often in micro-blog update on the website promotion, website planning, website marketing, website SEO optimization content, so you can get a lot of attention in the field of users. At the same time also help to do keywords ranking Baidu.

fourth, micro-blog powder is also very important

no one is concerned about you, you need to analyze the reasons, there are generally two points: content is not what you want, the quality is too poor, nutrition is not high; second is the new micro-blog, few people know. If it belongs to the second, then you have to take the initiative to pay attention to and you pay attention to the same field users. Some people, you can pay attention to a number of celebrities, because celebrity fans on the tens of thousands, if he can broadcast a micro-blog, there are tens of thousands of people to see, but you have to think about. There are a few celebrities will be involved in your micro-blog to go, and you powder him, he will not powder you. Does he care about the same as you do?

fifth, spend money to buy fans

the above 4 methods are free

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