Pig eight quit CEO Zhu Mingyue platform is the most difficult to do business

May 25, 2014, organized by the IDG capital wholly owned, venture capital co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship contest will be the eleventh stop in Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology successfully concluded. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus.

pig CEO Zhu Mingyue eight years of entrepreneurship, he bluntly pointed out that he chose the most difficult business platform, to pack the buyer and the seller, and it should focus on the development of the buyer or the seller, so he is a tangled to today’s problems. He suggested the presence of the students, entrepreneurship needs to be systematic, especially for the integrated trading platform, a platform can be established, it is not easy.


the following text for Zhu Mingyue’s speech excerpts, without my review:

I had converted many kinds of roles, most began to be a primary school teacher for three years, then a reporter for eight years, resigned in 2006, founded the now zhubajie.com, another eight years will soon be past, the war to victory, we are still on the road.

today facing the university students, I want to talk about three aspects, the first is about some understanding of their employment and entrepreneurship, second is to talk about the matter of financing, third is to talk about my understanding of the Internet thinking.

employment also have entrepreneurial mentality

in the employment, I have some experience. Employment itself is a kind of business, or should say, I think there are many definitions of entrepreneurship. 2001 began to enter the "Chongqing Evening News", I would like to understand that I am not just doing a job, but to carry out their own life a venture. It is such a state of mind at work, it is not only to work. We all know that in the urban media, as a reporter on workpoint dinner, headlines work is not the same as the standard. If I work in the point of view of it, every day is to earn work points and distress, every day is to write their own news headlines, the end is still troubled bar coding aspect. But as a reporter, I must first have a sense of mission, which is very important.

I remember in 2004, had a strange disease in Sichuan of Ziyang, dozens of national media to interview, including phoenix. I went to the Chongqing evening news reporter to interview, I know that if you want to get valuable news, you must enter the ward isolation area to get the best news coverage. But when the wind, as long as you are infected with the virus, even breathing air, or mosquito bites you, the body will gradually become black, until death, and probably a few dozen cases or cases are of unknown causes of death.

in this case, the vast majority of reporters did not dare to die in, and I think I should come to the forefront of the news, I must have such a sense of mission, the unit inside it.

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