Web site for the more intensive the first half of the number of sites decreased by 13 7%

in early 2010 in order to continue to crack down on jurisprudence site, the Ministry issued a supplementary notice, requiring the operation of the domestic computer site will be re filing. At the same time also requires IDC (basic telecom enterprises and access service providers) record information authenticity verification of complete access site before September. In the pursuit of leap forward development speed and steady forward progressive change between the management department to choose the latter.

face unprecedented pressure, many IDC have taken the first step to break the network and then review the extreme method. Coupled with the end of 2009, CNNIC on the CN domain name reform, cancel the registration of 1 yuan preferential policies, but also closed the door to apply for personal.Cn domain name. In 2010 of the new year for domestic small and medium-sized webmasters have poured a pot of cold water.

and in May, the Ministry of industry to further ask for photo filing, a series of policies led to the number of domestic small and medium sites to further decline. According to the data show that from 1 to June, the number of domain names registered in the territory of China (including in the domestic access and overseas access) reduced to 2 million 790 thousand, a decline of up to 13.7%. At the same time a series of related qualifications do not match, not normal IDC business failures.

but although the filing process is cumbersome, filing audit cycle is too long, but there are still a lot of small and medium-sized webmaster who insisted on down. At present, the camera record policy becomes relatively flexible, you can send a photo to the IDC to complete the record, and the strength of the IDC companies have added agency, in order to reduce the burden on the owners. Of course, it is undeniable that part of the site is not willing to choose to go abroad.

After the

strict implementation of the site for the record, the domestic Internet industry environment has also made certain purification, the first three quarters of this year, the CNNIC information to complete the verification of the authenticity of the domain name for a total of 4 million 686 thousand, suspended analysis refused to submit the real name verification materials CN 462 thousand domain names, domain name analysis did not record the 636 thousand stop, stop jurisprudence DNS 5200. Ministry of industry leaders said that the seriousness of the mobile phone jurisprudence has been curbed.

at the end of this year, came the latest news, the Ministry of Industry issued a notice to carry out spot checks on the record information website, telephone checks content mainly includes: host name, the name of the person in charge, the main organizer address, the main responsible person, the main person in charge of the office telephone number, mobile phone the domain name, access service providers.

In addition to continue to implement the

earlier this year issued the "Ministry of industry and information technology on further rectification program" mobile phone pornographic special action to perform the work of the Ministry, this can also be further clear and cancel the registration and access some shell incomplete information website.

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