Baidu statistics opened over the union partner permanent free

latest news, Baidu statistical system (Holmes) since the line, by virtue of its stability, strong, fast and significant features of the major site owners are widely welcomed. According to statistics, since August 20th, Baidu statistics on the line so far, there are nearly ten thousand sites to register the system.

traffic flow in the network of statistical tools today, today, Baidu has been a large number of Web site statistics, as well as multi experts, media attention and recognition. Baidu Inc responsible person, "the real traffic statistics Baidu" system platform function is to better help advertisers and the Statistics website, and has powerful function of accurate depth Baidu unique tracking Baidu promotion effect, permanent data storage, help Adsense website optimization of operation decision, let the webmaster to "the most rapid, the most simple and most perfect way to solve the problem. Since the "Baidu statistics" on the site owners to apply for opening the demand has been high, Baidu statistics from August 20th officially launched so far, there have been nearly ten thousand website launched the service, the use of large groups that Baidu statistical products has great practicability, can really meet the needs of users, to provide effective service for users of statistics.


marketing director Yu Kun told reporters that use Baidu statistics at this stage is mainly used for monitoring site traffic, access to data analysis, provide a reference basis for the site and these data will be improved. "The adjustment of the website involves coordination among the various departments of the company, the need for a process, but I believe in the near future, we can see considerable results."

experts said that now there are many domestic website traffic statistics tools, but a single website traffic statistics function is difficult to meet the needs of the webmaster. It is a professional platform for traffic statistics have emerged — Baidu statistics from a professional point of view for the webmaster Statistics website traffic, not only can track the Baidu promotion effect, and the data report can be permanently preserved, can be customized according to the needs of users more personalized service. It is precisely because Baidu statistics to meet the needs of the current webmaster, was able to develop rapidly, welcomed by the majority of the webmaster.

can be seen in the rapid development of the Internet today, who can meet the needs of users, who will be able to develop faster. Since the Baidu statistics on the line, just more than and 40 days there are nearly ten thousand sites, fully demonstrated that it adapted to the needs of the market. Baidu said that Baidu alliance insisted that the concept of a stronger partner, this statistical system will be permanently free alliance partners.

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