Huha network traced wages of employees who have resigned in 90%

luxury online shopping market in the wake of the multiple crisis behind, and accused of saturation". Yesterday, the well-known luxury shopping website Huha network (WOOHA) encounter "on the door" incident, and 90% employees have been traced to resign.

hackers will call the founder of the net even the court Kay Kay photos posted on the official website, and wrote, even the court Kai all employees of the company’s insurance, housing accumulation fund for six months, and arrears of wages, and now it is not seen". This text is signed as "WOOHA staff". According to industry insiders revealed that the current call ha 90% employees have left the company, the business is almost stagnant.

Lian tingkai accepted the exclusive interview with this newspaper said "very angry", and said that the board of directors of the company to the company’s future better development "on the grounds, in November 6th this year, forcing his way in the current CEO Yan Jingyi, chairman of the registration and cancellation of his identity to CEO company mail box, resigned from the company and legal requirements representative office. In the face of the board of directors, as the founder of the Lian tingkai was very do not understand, but considering the hope that the company more professional management operations, will own the ‘child’ raised strong ", will swallow down.

at the time, call a reluctance to disclose the names of the Kazakhstan network staff said that the company was told to understand this "processing", and received a new CEO Yan Ching Yi sending mail to employees said, "in December 9th to handle matters".

call Kazakhstan network is China’s top 10 Fashion electricity supplier website, is a luxury e-commerce in the field of early entrants, since 2006, the face of the outside world have maintained a good development and reputation. Huaqiang North online vice president Gong Wenxiang said, "it will be a signal" Chinese B2C increasingly collapse, which may indicate the Huha network of future operational stagnation.

since last year, many e-commerce companies delisting triggered closures, snacks website network, network hard disk sago nano disk have a curtain call. Despite the continued financing and fortune in the market, but the electronic commerce website not profitable and the present vicious price competition in the industry, the development prospects of the Lok CEO Bi Sheng and Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall have introspection of e-commerce industry. Once investors optimistic about the fashion website also entered the winter?

"on the door" reflects a luxury online shopping market bubble tip angle. Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send said this market gross profit is high, but the pressure is huge, "the market does not seem so big". He believes that the luxury brand value only in the early advantage of communication network, raise awareness in China only, pay more attention to the experiential line under the brand sales channels, thus limiting the luxury site upstream channel. In addition, over the past two years too many luxury sites have opened, Jingdong mall, Taobao and other platforms are also cut into this market, limited consumer groups have orders to tell you – the market is saturated".

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