China Mobile suspended from today all partners WAP class service billing November 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Juhua) China Mobile 29 announced that, from November 30th onwards, to suspend billing for all WAP business partners, and to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, cut off the chain of pornographic websites charges.

mobile phone pornographic website is often through the layers of subcontracting fees chain to obtain economic benefits. Some service providers in a network service charges on behalf of contracts with telecom operators, and down the layers of subcontractors, each layer may be pornographic websites using mobile phone. The industry generally believe that this charge to cut off the chain, in addition to clean up the lower, but the key is to WAP business partners to strict management of operators, construction of the first layer of defense, to ensure its own information security at the same time, strictly prohibited to subcontract.

Wang Jianzhou

, President of China Mobile told Xinhua, for all the fee agreement with China Mobile’s WAP service providers and content providers, China Mobile will be from 30 days suspended all billing, and immediately carry out a comprehensive inventory from multiple aspects of the business name, business content, promotion channels, prohibit the use of advertising and other three parties business promotion, required to provide information security commitment guarantee, ensure that its contents can not have any jurisprudence information, everything possible to eliminate the interest relationship with the mobile phone pornographic websites.

Wang Jianzhou said, the next step will continue to strike against China Mobile mobile phone pornographic websites, and the introduction of new measures. According to reports, as of 29, when 18, China Mobile blocked a total of mobile porn sites, including the site of the server in the outside of the, the 148 site server in the country.

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