Ordered network one day to raise the public to break through the city of 7 million 400 thousand and

ordered a day to raise the public to break through the city of 7 million 400 thousand and 58 Yao Yao collar

days ago, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city voted to show the identity of the Jingdong to raise public equity "straight set net", the project is the first s based on the APP platform, WeChat official online travel straight set shopping guide platform. Since the line, the signing of the star hotel has more than 400, local and international brands of four or five star hotels are covered.

Jingdong equity raise public financing has been formally set up net project shows that this project will raise 5 million 500 thousand yuan through public financing. The project is just on the line for a day, from the amount exceeded 7 million 400 thousand yuan, the raised rate reached 134%. It is understood that Jingdong equity congregation raised master platform since March 31st on the line, so far only 3 months, the total amount of over $300 million platform financing, the average amount of financing for each project more than 10 million. Jingdong platform to raise public equity investment projects in the past, the majority of the investment institutions as the lead investor, and joined as a domestic Internet company founder Yao Jinbo, not only to the "straight set net" this project is very bright, also marks the Jingdong to raise public equity is tasted the lead cast from investment institutions to business success individual test.

as everyone knows, the 58 city as a living information service platform, backed by 5 million merchants, who are familiar with the business, but also understand the Internet, as guides such a connected company, Yao Jinbo led to the project, is a strong endorsement of credit.

Yao Jinbo recently in talking about the financial innovation of the Internet, repeatedly stressed that "return to the user of this concept, although simple, but really can do product and marketing from the interests of users is not much. As we all know, such enterprises will be more focused on customer needs, focus on product experience.

as Yao Jinbo said, "the money and the traffic does not make a good product, too much money, the user is too easy to obtain, will allow enterprises to import users simply by way of doing good KPI, but not by grinding products for users."

by the Central Asia and the United States and the United States and the founder of the Liu Yi hotel marketing vice president, where he co founded the straight network, its users and customers is very clear, is now several large OTA platform (online travel agency) users. In the direct order nets, the current users of the Touring Hotel services pain points still exist: one is the high cost, namely online booking is required to pay large fees to the intermediary business, the second is the feedback is too slow, often confirm accommodation orders, to store still no room, or Fangxing have difference, the price of water; three is the accommodation information the hotel facilities are opaque, many online presentation does not match the actual situation and the.

to solve this pain point, straight set net first for the hotel to establish a micro official website, also known as the "straight set net official account", two is directly connected with the official website, to achieve direct orders. In the user, direct order nets will flow through the optimization of low cost for users to find the most accurate order.

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