Buy site to accelerate the integration of the industry’s top ten share of up to 80%

after the user complaints, layoffs, and many other high turnover contraction front after the storm, group purchase industry began a long period of fission, station closings and transformation station also accelerated integration under the impetus of the capital.

rise in 2010 to buy the site, after experiencing the crazy shuffle in 2011, this year has shown a shrinking trend. The group 800 data show that in May this year, group purchase sales of 1 billion 770 million yuan, in just more than a year, the total number of group purchase website is back to the beginning of the scale, in May only 2996, while more than 60% of them have already no longer real operation.

previously, F group has completed a merger with Gaopeng, the two sides set up a new Group Holding Companies, forming a giant group purchase platform F group, QQ group purchase, Gaopeng together. Insiders pointed out that the integration of two sites in the capital integration under the "ofbaotuan winter" performance.

group of 800 co-founder Hu Chen to the "daily economic news" reporter said, at present, the development of the industry group purchase showed obvious agglomeration effect, the integration of resources to enhance the large margin, small website is gradually cleared from the stadium, sales of the top ten group purchase website market share has reached 80% of the industry, and several monthly sales of billions of dollars the station is showing a "control" of the situation.

O troupe of

network founder Zhai wing to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the group purchase industry still trapped in thousands of websites without a profitable dark mud, the majority of small and medium-sized websites are eliminated. "O troupe of the network be a local station to do good, but from the amount of money, the number of products to business cooperation has shown a significant decline, the current round ah net leaving only a part of people continue to operate, and has already begun to do business transformation, and like us transition sites unusual." He said.

according to the group 800 data, in the more than 2 thousand group purchase site existing in integrated service and vertical field service websites accounted for 67.3%, this also means that the current distribution in the 200 national city, engaged in the service group purchase website run only more than 1 thousand, the allocation of resources more reasonable start.

"now we can clearly feel, is the whole industry is increasingly rational, vicious competition between peers significantly reduced, some large group purchase website will not sign exclusive agreements with merchants; at the same time, local businesses to pattern recognition group purchase has been upgraded." Zhai Yong said, in addition to the station, the future can really live a small site, each city will be eliminated by 1 to 2, only the profit can stick to the end.

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