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street network CEO Wang Xiujuan



technology news August 14th morning news, 2013 China Internet Conference today entered the second day schedule, said the street network CEO Wang Xiujuan this morning to accept the Sina interview, the street network users have been close to 24 million, of which mobile (54.52, 0.36, 0.66%) end users accounted for about 20%. At the same time, she said, social networking has entered the outbreak.

in the country, the street network is the representative of social networking sites. Street network was founded in 2008, formally launched on March 2009 and operation. In the past two years, the street network has been rapid development. Wang Xiujuan revealed this morning, the street network users are close to 24 million, of which 70% of users are white-collar users.

Wang Xiujuan keynote speech at today’s Internet Conference, said that following the universal social service has been a great development, social networking is entering the outbreak.

she said, the Internet will no longer simply meet the entertainment and communication needs, it will become an important way to meet the demand of some 500 million users under the line, and an important way of social occupation is the big trend of.

whether domestic or foreign, social recruitment has become the hottest trend of online recruitment industry. U.S. workplace social networking site LinkedIn (241.82, 2.17, 0.91%) has long been touted as capital markets. In 2011, the street network also announced the acquisition of fidelity, New Oriental (23, 0.05, 0.22%), and three institutions of ten million U.S. dollars level of financing.

Wang Xiujuan believes that the capital market began to pay attention to the social occupation market opportunity has arrived, and to ensure that the company can get financing when the time comes, completely put ideas into advantage, gain more market share.

talked about the traditional Internet Co invested heavily in acquisitions in the field of mobile Internet, Wang Xiujuan believes that there are some monopoly in traditional Internet companies hope that through mergers and acquisitions, the amount of coverage in the field of mobile Internet for entrance and users, in order to form long-term strategic effect.

she further said, I think, if this point does not do (M & A), there may be a small role in the market in the future." (Luo Liang)

is the following interview record:

sina science and technology: street network was founded not too long, the current situation of the development of


Wang Xiujuan: main street network was launched in 2009, the first test version of the 3 years to more than years, in fact, the real effective development of the past two years time.

sina science and technology: at present, the main street of the registered users

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