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July 11th, the Japanese instant messaging application Line announced that it will sell 35 million shares at a price of $3300 per share, but also will sell more shares through the over allotment option IPO. Total financing was $1 billion 300 million. The IPO proceeds will mainly be used to expand the Asian market, as well as to further open up the U.S. market to pave the way for the situation.


although Line IPO $6 billion 900 million valuation this year to become the world’s largest technology company IPO. But compared to its two years ago in July 2014 for the first time in the preparation of the IPO Tokyo $9 billion 900 million valuation is still almost 1/3. Known as the Japanese version of WeChat’s Line in the past two years, what problems encountered in the development of


the past: good wind such as force, send me on

was born in June 2011, the initial selling point is Line free calls and free text messages. This is more in order to meet in March of the same year, caused by the earthquake in Japan after the infrastructure of the telecommunications system collapse of Japanese residents communication difficulties and panic, and then the intelligent mobile phone is the worldwide popularity, provides support and guarantee for the rapid popularity of Line.


, Line was soon clear the different positioning instant messaging applications with WeChat, Messenger, WhatsApp of the three day after the main competitors: compared to the communication, Line is more in order to meet the social needs of young people and fashion, so Line not only provides expression maps, game applications, full of wit and humour with the stars and businesses close contact such as play, also launched various functions around apps, to enrich the content of communication diversity and full of user experience.

is borrowed from a variety of gameplay and the surrounding products, after the introduction of two years, Line has swept the world’s two hundred million users. More importantly, compared to WeChat and other leading in terms of number of users than competing products, Line in addition to the Japanese mainland, Taiwan, and Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Southeast Asia have also achieved a leading market share.

in fact, the rapid growth of users in the boost, while Line launched the game, cartoon stickers (that is, facial expressions) and derivative gameplay, and other peripheral products to help them establish a clear and powerful business model. Line number of the three major sources of income are games, advertising and cartoon stickers and derivative service charges. A variety of realizable channels to help Line the early realization of the revenue yiqijuechen. In 2013 alone, for example, that time has 400 million users of WeChat did not disclose specific revenue, but at that time revealed that 2013Q4’s revenue between $32 million to $48 million, while WhatsApp’s revenues of approximately $20 million. Line, by contrast, made about second of its full fiscal year

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