Net loan the head of private group purchase in October almost The whole army was wiped out huge pro


buy things can get a cheaper price, net loan group can get higher interest income. However, the group may be a greater risk of net loan]

by a head of investors to invest in the net loan platform to help attract funds platform, investors in order to be able to get higher interest rates, and the head will get a lot of money". This net loan investment model is called a group, but the recent group of investors frequently stepped on the thunder, the group is also considered a very unsafe investment.

according to the first financial daily "financial", since October in a month time, net loan group almost The whole army was wiped out.

net loan group in January The whole army was wiped out.

original group of those groups, has changed into the head of the activist group.

in order to obtain higher returns, seven LEIWANG (net) joined a group of investment group, bun group, want to get more information from the platform, but did not expect the group soon after stepping on mines, and the head of the steamed stuffed bun (real name Wei Hua package) no trace in the step on mine. This is now seven and the original net loan group members can only own rights, hoping to get back a little loss.

thought I weak, join the group to learn more about the platform, once a problem can also be everyone activist, so just joined the group." Seven Lei Wang told reporters.

group is a famous investor, with a certain influence, will introduce some individual investors to the net loan platform, net loan platform in addition to the members of public interest, will give investors additional revenue. The head of the commission from the net, the net loan industry to organize investors into a group called the head of the investors involved in the call".

group mode is before the rise this year, on the one hand it fulfills the demand for funds, on the one hand to meet the investors to get higher returns, and demand information sharing.

before the group, the head of the site will explain their net loan platform, select those security platform, recommended to members. Most of the former head of the network has a certain reputation in the circle, so many investors will be more confidence in the head.

in general, the head will set up a QQ group, also registered special group "software; then in the third party forum to promote, attract members joined; then head to find investment targets of the platform, the platform information notified via SMS or QQ members; members of their bid tender information through the group" Report to the head of software; personal bidding is completed, after the completion of the head group, will bring additional revenue through bank accounts to the member account. Upon completion of the project, the members present each other. Individuals to participate in the group, the starting point is mostly 10 thousand yuan, mostly for a period of 1 months.

"if one"

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