Classification information the golden section of the nternet

from the birth of the Internet now, any small or big breakthrough and innovation will be launched in different stages of business model in the development of the Internet technology revolution led to a certain extent, and the innovation and exploration of technology also will create new business models. The so-called not deviate from the service object itself is people who are students of the.

Web2.0 popular led to the development of classification information. Portals can provide users with a powerful source of information, but the user is actually a weak independent selectivity, the effectiveness of getting information is weak, despite the numerous information of the shell, find the true self information is search engine gives users look for a needle in the ocean; a certain degree of autonomy, the user can according to their own needs of keywords search, and then get the relevant information sources, but for the accuracy of search information, there are still some deficiencies; classification information provided to the user precise search platform, users can be faster and more accurate to find the information they need. There are people in the industry said: website market size classification information at present, the classified information website platform of the market is still in the development stage, but with the increasing of Internet penetration and user classification of information needs, the next year or two will double the user scale growth, the market will continue to expand the scale. In the next few years, the classified information website will be rapid development, very optimistic earnings. Another media assert: the future trend of the Internet is not a portal, nor is it a search engine, but classified information website. This trend is obvious.

The market prospect of

classification information huge and strong profit mode makes a lot of websites in droves, have embarked on the tide of popular, but it can really take the pins a handful of websites. Feibook classified information network as leader, so far from the 05 along the way, from the user’s point of view to consider, to user needs as the starting point, with strong technology, continuous improvement, continuous innovation. The dove is the classification of information release "and" life accurate search "perfect combination, the deeper realization of free and accurate information search depth classification with interaction. Pigeon insiders have said the net entry is feibook e-commerce online B2C, the free release information for web traffic, cultivate the user experience, allowing users to gradually form a trust, business yellow pages provide self-help complete system for small and medium-sized enterprises, has been vigorously into the flying pigeon book do business feibook network to take charge; the channel system construction strategy, creating new opportunities for many Internet start-ups have entrepreneurial dreams and hope of successful people. In the face of complex Internet Market Research and development, relying on innovative feibook network, and a keen grasp of the market and objective analysis, and accurate grasp of user needs. Feibook CEO Hu Jianqiang said his most love a word in an interview with reporters: "a sense of life, work conscientiously!" which he is given feibook spirit of enterprise culture, people want to learn the people required. Everything from >

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