New campus network webmaster Wei Yu talk about the campus network

you Xiaonei friend hello, polite words do not want to say, the campus network in the last day of March the official start of the on-line test, here I would like to thank you for all the support and encouragement from my friends, the following simple speaking about the story of the school network.

1 Why do we need to have an intranet and why SNS?


campus network is the first chance I got the name feeling very good, thinking the results of the night, is to use the dedeCMS system to do a website or use DIZ to do a forum? But the answer was rejected…… So decided to use UCHOME to build a school student information sharing and exchange of SNS platform. Another reason is that the current campus information and resources are not well integrated, then the need for a platform to make the internal and external links organically (and, of course, there are many other reasons)

2 before the school network, has been very successful, why do you want to continue to do it?


is very simple, because the market has a lot of space, and the demand is currently only a campus network can not meet, also believe that the competition will progress faster; I do before it is not a simple imitation of the campus network model, more is to be innovative and the integration on the basis of reference, to give everyone a personality of new practical campus network.

3 campus network will be launched in the future what are the characteristics of the service?

answer: because this may involve some so-called commercial secrets, it is extraordinary specific. But I can tell you is that: (campus network) starting from the student needs to continue to meet their needs.

because the site is still in the test, the time relationship, first wrote here.

campus network because of your joining will be more exciting, look forward to your joining.

welcome your suggestions.

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