Ma Huateng said the 360 violations of the threat has not been completely disarmed

sina science and technology news November 7th news, 360 announced the recall of the user to the country to buckle the bodyguards, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng on November 7th through micro-blog said, the threat has not been completely eliminated".

had 360, has announced that in October 29, 2010, lasted a month of time to develop the 360 buttoned bodyguards came out, 3 days more than 10 million people, has created a miracle in the history of the Internet Chinese. But just 6 days later, we had to make a difficult decision under various pressures, to the national user announced the recall of the 360 buttoned bodyguards".


, the two sides basically a truce, but on the future is compatible with the 360 issue, November 7th morning, Ma Huateng said, "before the premise is not compatible with the" stop infringements ", not groundless to incompatible. Now hang temporarily to control, but the threat has not been completely eliminated".

he also said, after the reflection is really do not think there is a good user experience, provoke the scourge was exploited. Has decided to resume the next version of the login check, you can also choose to check after landing, you can provide a variety of optional models, including non".

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