Experience sharing my way to make money and do stand

      I was working in a network technology company, was not good, even the DW is not used, only used the FP to do some static pages, the company was not my kind of bad people, but may I see boss is a plastic material. -_-, let me learn to do or directly, can be called an apprentice, ha ha.

      the 3 and 4 months there to learn, have some understanding of ASP, at the same time on the server, the domain name space also has a relatively clear understanding. This time I finally ended up here apprenticeship career, and finally began to pay, although not much, only 500 yuan, but finally have income, quite good.

      later here about a year, have more knowledge, understanding of the application of the Internet more and more, just when I was about to leave the company, I made my first website, but not with the existing procedures, but also is available in the box: Golden celebration ZhengZhan thief, ah, do not know how many people remember this program. The first time I know Alexa, check their rankings, 280W, very happy, and later the domain name up to more than and 130 W. Although it was thought to use it to make money, but do not know their own traffic, it will not be promoted, the flow is only a few dozen, never on a hundred. Spent a few months, the contents of the station to replace the revised version, the thief can not be used, and then bid farewell to the thief, began to do their own stand, and a new domain name.

      with a new domain name, the road is not smooth, changed a few times, the theme has changed a lot of times, and finally did not do it. First, the experience is not enough, the program is not good enough; two is still do not understand the promotion, no flow. I would like to thank you very much for the outdated, just heard people say how outdated how outdated how, has not been noticed. Later, probably at the end of 05, the occasional curious search to im286, found here is really good, but fall behind has become my turning point), in the year 3, April, just over the years soon, I am behind first heard of SEO this thing, found the great power of it, then start looking around SEO tutorial and learn. Since then, I started the road station on the right track.

      knowledge alliance is in the summer, the first coalition is IPlus, for 3 months and 6 days of Taobao advertising there, got a total of more than 2 thousand dollars, and then you see Taobao to stop all registered advertising, then quite a pity. IPlus received the first remittance in 6 days of income of $280, I firmly believe that their website can also make money. Since then, I began to find other leagues, because when I heard that IPlus has the amount of deduction, I went to the dark horse for Taobao, and then found that the IPlus is really true

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