Web let the netizens whipped egg whipped egg


, a network game is whipped egg quietly popular. But not whipped egg smashing eggs, playing cards. 3 young people have a chance to try to make their small company assets soar. Ten thousand yuan investment in small software development, the achievements of the myth of wealth.

go online whipped whipped egg

whipped egg, is a popular poker game in the Huaian area, is also popular in Jiangsu and some other places. This game is played by the local poker board "run fast" and "Eighty points" evolved. The game uses four pair competition, upgrading the way of winning or losing, originally some local fishermen used to recreation at leisure.

whipped egg net head Chen Bihui told reporters that in 2000, she and a few friends to set up an e-commerce company, mainly engaged in the construction site and other services, business in general. In 2005, after a dozen whipped egg, she suddenly had an idea, why don’t the game move to go online? At the Tencent, Lianzhong games like websites have card games.

she and two other colleagues said, immediately get approval. Then, three people began to develop the whipped egg game, was invested 10 thousand yuan. After more than a month’s time, this game is finally on the line. Chen Bihui will put the game on the company’s website for free download, the month has 800 people online at the same time to play the game, quickly swept up. Chen Bihui to the spirit of development, game player to open up the market, ready to take the "egg whip whipped".

this is really a golden egg

after a period of time, second versions of the game whipped egg was born, they put this version of three hundred thousand yuan of funds. They applied the name "Huaian whipped egg". In fact, I have a little regret, had just applied for the local name of Huaian, I did not expect it to move to the country." Chen Bihui said. As a pillar industry of the company, she wanted to take the "egg" to the Chinese now whipped.

over the past few years, and now the average online game reached 14000 people, registered users of the company, the company’s assets soared from $about ten million to $1 million. Chen Bihui said that at present, in addition to a number of value-added services, the site is not free of charge on the players, mainly by advertising revenue. Last year after the financial crisis, their advertising revenue is not reduced, but increased 20%, "many enterprises affected by the economic crisis, especially in the real estate, car dealers, reduced in places such as outdoor advertising, and our advertising rates are relatively low, all of a sudden the drew them." Chen Bihui said.

eggs were copied online opponents

whipped egg network operation is successful, follow the trend of the people come in a throng. The new Huaian, Lianyungang, Suqian whipped egg whipped egg on the network suddenly whipped egg out. "Some of our competitors website copy again, even" the typos have not changed over." Chen Bihui said.

In view of the popular

whipped egg.

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