Hongbo CMS officially launched version 1 5

CMS (HBcms) homebuy is a relatively easy CMS, suitable for beginners to use. In December 8, 2008, Hongbo CMS officially launched version 1.5. Compared with the 1.5 version of the version will increase more practical function, in particular, like the Ajax that is, that is, to change the function, such as the title of the article click on the current page can be modified in.


1.5 version will add the following features to the 1.1 Edition:

increase the custom field function, you can easily expand the content of the property, increase the input box, to achieve a more perfect appearance.

custom fields to increase membership function, may need to fill in the content at any time to increase membership registration, such as increasing the required company name.

set up their own website personality style membership registration page function

a key update site cache

can set up a beautiful 404 page does not exist in the error page

modified to modify, delete, reply to comment comments

increase the bad keyword set, put an end to illegal information and advertising functions

to the site to add slides (pictures alternately) can automatically save

optimized batch generate static pages

background to add articles, you can hide some of the commonly used input box

increase the function of setting the member registration service terms

avoid software registration junk members, open member registration page verification code

increases the time parameter for setting up static pages automatically updated

Ajax that is to change the point: template title, the template can be modified by clicking

Ajax that is changed: the title of the article, click on the number, edit evaluation can modify the

Ajax that point to change: column sort, column properties can be modified by clicking

set visitor IP limit, forbidden access, restrict IP access to

to increase the content of the contents of the page after the member login settings

increase in the background interface to add their own links

increase the number of registered members of the statistical function

fixes some 1.1 versions of bug

to download to the official website: www.hbcms.com

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