Micro blog red season 29 to open a live video to accompany you across the red envelopes

December 29th, 2017 let red fly and will be scheduled to meet with the majority of micro-blog users, open the red envelopes Carnival season. Micro-blog red envelopes every year, there will be a variety of new ways out, to meet the expectations of users of red envelopes, this year’s micro-blog red season, and will bring you what kind of new gameplay?

as the world’s most influential social media Chinese, micro-blog will give full play to the advantages of the platform, combined with the 2016 annual popular broadcast, short video and other popular elements, to create the most powerful red matrix – invited stars, red, vertical V, network television, business institutions and the majority of users to participate in the feast envelopes. From the 29 day start, Huang Xiaoming, Wu Yifan, Lin Chiling, Ivy Chen, Joe Chen, Li Bingbing, Xu Qing, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Yishan, Xu Zheng and other Star Cafe through blog posts, videos, live form of Red Cross to accompany friends together the new year.

live short video Qi battle, more interactive and fun


what is the hottest industry in 2016 is undoubtedly a live and short video. It is reported that this year’s micro-blog red season, is the biggest highlight of the broadcast and video red play, December 29th to 10 per day in January 4th, there will be a live star send new year red envelopes, it is worth noting that the December 31st 23:30-0, there will be a mysterious male god goddess countdown broadcast a red envelopes.

live red envelopes will be concentrated in a fixed time airborne in all the live, to the user to give every day to play a reward to the anchor, and finally see the money back, the unexpected surprise. In addition, for a new anchor to enter the main page of the user, you can get into the live 15 seconds to get a red envelope issued by the ceremony". The release of the video is similar to the experience of watching the feeling of grab, depending on the user’s browsing habits, specific user groups at a specific time, along with the video playback will receive different red envelopes.

launched a short video and live red envelopes, with the industry trend in technological innovation at the same time, also bring more fun interactive experience for the user to grab a red envelope, grab a red envelope more scenes and interaction.

did not grab the red card more enjoyable enough wealth

in addition to this year’s red envelopes of cash, micro-blog will launch a special season can be exchanged for cash and PK card "the God of wealth".

"God card" can be said to be fans of red and a layer of surprise, it will appear on any of the fans in red. Collect any 20 tickets available, cash envelopes the opportunity to draw 1 times, winning 100%, up to the maximum amount of 200 yuan; and "God card" and another is playing together, including "let" "red" and "package" to "fly" four words "card, will be in the new year’s Eve night 888 dollars in cash envelopes. At the same time, with 1 and above "God card" users, can be PK with friends, the winner will qualify for the other 1 "God card". If you >

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