The ant take vip com Amazon and other platforms Access to the PK Jingdong

DoNews July 24th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) the payment service announced that the individual consumer credit products "under the flower chanting will come out of Taobao,, Amazon, and public comment, more than and 40 Internet shopping platform to achieve cooperation, these businesses have supported the ant take payment.

ant gold service aspects of the introduction of the more than and 40 categories of access to a variety of businesses, covering the basic aspects of the user’s daily life. There are shopping, lifestyle App glamour, neat street; and public comment, App millet, OPPO, VIVO; 90 sought after mobile phone access to the official website of all flowers chant; Xinjiang UAV, Chinese official website has also support the starting point of reading.

in export products, gold has been in the field of clothing ants take cities and seize territory. The ant’s Sesame credit payment service as an example, in February this year, sesame credit beta, has opened up a car rental, rent, dating, driving on behalf of, visa and other fields, the user has accumulated a good foundation, and access to the Internet financial platform for a large number of.

ant flower is not far behind. The ant flower chant operators responsible person Hao Ying told reporters that at present in the Taobao and Tmall platform, the ant flower has been covering the vast majority of businesses. According to the ant payment service plan, the first half of this year, 80% of the mainstream business platform have been used on ant flower chanting, but also there will be a lot of line scene pay ant flower chanting.

and ant flowers chant similar, for personal consumption credit products, and other home appliance business giant Jingdong. In February 2014, Jingdong launched a Jingdong for users of consumer credit products, Jingdong, IOUs time than ants spend more than a year earlier.

and ant flower chant to Taobao "the same way," the Jingdong program "in addition to its own system, has also been tried out of Jingdong, and other partners outside the system. As with the link real estate, offshore real estate, CITIC Bank, love travel cooperation companies or institutions, launched a series of products. Jingdong had said at the end of June, have also released a new product similar to the individual consumer loans, and customers will not be limited to the existing users of Jingdong. However, this is obviously the pace of ants to take some faster.


industry is expected, the Internet overdraft consumption pace will go further to the future, the corresponding products will be more abundant, consumer overdraft consumption will also started the campaign. The ant flower chanting, Jingdong will set off or ious Ali, Jingdong two business camp credit consumption.

data show that the ant flower chant officially launched in April 2015, is the new ant payment service consumer credit products, users open, free use of ant take credit shopping chant, interest free period of up to 50 days. (end)

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