Twelve Steps for a personal website to succeed

      in the past 10 years, we recognize that many websites (effective or invalid) method. Whether your goal is to make money or something else, the following 12 steps can lead you to success.

      1, the reason for having a website

      many organizations do not know why the construction site is. Please answer this question: what is your website for your organization? For visitors?

      2, build a website for users, not your own

      this is the most important lesson: your site is for your users, not your own. They visit your site with purpose, and your job is to help them achieve these goals. So focus on what the user needs to do, not what you want to express.

      3, to meet the needs of

      visitors will be built along with your website? If you want to attract visitors, you must first meet their needs. The more specific the requirements are, the more efficient your solution will be, and the more visitors will come.

      4, plan

      this simple piece of advice is often overlooked: before starting to build a web site, you should make a plan and form a text. It will help you to think more deeply about the decision, and to better estimate the cost. It also ensures that every member of the team knows exactly what they are doing.

      5, collaborative

      every successful website is the result of effective collaboration, it should be for the people who need different division of labor – design, development, marketing, work together. But they think in different ways, in different ways, even in different languages. So, they need some help.

      6, pay attention to the traffic situation of the website

      by observing the movements of visitors, where they come from, what browsing, how long to stay, when to leave, we can know the website on which part of the work, or are not working.

      7, continue to develop your website

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