Electricity supplier fictitious transactions false comments will be fined 500 thousand

review: the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in September 5th "against the interests of consumers behavior penalties (Draft)" to solicit public opinions. Before October 4th, the public can feedback.

electricity supplier fictitious transactions, virtual standard volume, fake reviews and chaos yelling clearing price, sale price, the highest to be fined 10 times the illegal income of a fine; there is no illegal income, a maximum fine of 500 thousand yuan. State Administration for Industry and Commerce in September 5th on the violation of consumer rights and interests punishment approach (Draft) for public comment. Before October 4th, the public can feedback.

cannot call tiaoloujia

"tiaoloujia", "blood sale" and "genuine"…… Some businesses in the sales of goods, the call is not advertising does not make people moved, however true but difficult. The "measures" clearly stipulates that operators to provide goods and services to consumers of information should be real, comprehensive, accurate, and not to a false clearing price, sale price, the lowest price "," price "means the sale of goods or services; not with false" prize sale "and" debt sales experience and sales and other sales of goods or services; not genuine lied nominal sales of "substandard goods", "defective products" and "substandard" goods. In addition, shall not make false or misleading description and presentation of the site.

look at the reviews to determine whether online shopping orders are many online shopping experience, but online shopping comments trick a lot, even looks very hot when the number of transactions can also be fake. "Approach" to this provision, the operator shall not use fictitious transactions, virtual trading volume, false comments or hiring other ways to induce fraudulent sales. Otherwise it will be punished in accordance with the "consumer protection law" fifty-sixth.

hair can not business information

to buy a product after leaving the phone number, it is often received the merchant’s promotional text messages, almost every consumer has experienced things. On the protection of consumers’ personal information, the "measures" provisions, the operator shall not without the consent of the consumer, collection and use of personal information of consumers; and shall not disclose, sell or illegally providing personal information of consumers collected to others; not without consumer consent or request, or consumer expressly rejected the case, to send commercial information.

can not deliberately delay return

consumers concerned about the return on time, the "measures" provisions, the operators to provide goods or services do not meet the quality requirements, consumers to follow state regulations, the parties have agreed to return, or require the operator to perform the replacement, repair and other obligations. No state regulations and the parties agreed that consumers can receive goods within seven days from the date of return.

"measures" provisions, the operators selling goods network, TV, telephone, mail order, in accordance with the law should bear no reason to return the obligation, shall not intentionally delay or unreasonably refused. "Approach" lists the business deliberately delayed or unreasonable >

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