2015 Baidu World Congress index the real world to connect 3600 lines

September 8th 2015, held at the Baidu world China Hotel, Baidu Inc founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li to index real world "as the theme of a speech, he shared the thoughts between the explosion on the online service of mobile Internet era and how to meet the personalized needs of users and the scene of nearly a thousand guests, and released a mobile phone Baidu 6.8 the Secretary based on the search service robot assistant" of peru".

Robin Li affirmed the vitality, the mobile Internet era Chinese O2O in the field of speech, he said, in a variety of O2O services emerge in an endless stream of 360 lines was 3600 for fission today, user demand for services is also growing rapidly. Robin Li said that since 2014, Baidu’s search services related to the growth rate of up to 153%, we need to have a better way to meet the needs of users". In this regard, Robin Li gives a solution for Baidu – technology allows everyone to have their own personal secretary.

then the Internet can carry people with secretaries dreams, like people can understand the natural communication, demand and provide quality service to the scene? Robin Li personalized human-computer dialogue show the natural language of the secret "strong understanding, intelligent interaction, service delivery and indexing capabilities, caused by the scene of countless amazing.

Robin Li stressed "secret" is not only the Baidu update products, is also a kind of ability, the ability to not only implanted into the mobile phone Baidu and other products, will also be open to all the App, the "secret". He said: it is like in the PC era, any web site can put the search box, like the mobile Internet era, any kind of APP can be ‘degree’ this ability to connect."


below is the full text of Robin Li’s speech:

Robin Li: distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, friends and friends from the media, good morning!

welcome to the 2015 Baidu world. Many people know that Baidu is the world’s largest annual conference on Baidu, we take advantage of this opportunity to report to you in the past year, Baidu in a variety of technical innovation.

in the past year, we may have a feeling, O2O can be said to be the hottest in the Internet industry in the field, that is, from online to offline.

more and more closely related to our lives and activities, has been able to achieve from online to offline connection. So, today, we set the theme of the conference as the index of the real world, because we do a variety of activities online and online connections every day has become increasingly apparent.

we give an example, for example, the film industry, today, China has 55 tickets for each of the 100 films are ordered from the Internet, and the film industry in the United States

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